Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory HAS BEEN LOCATED

For all of you die hard fans of the MTV hit show "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory", this is the place to be. Using the simple "Google Maps", "Google Street View", and a sharp eye, I have located the exact location of the fantasy factory.

The following posts will provide proof (for all of you skeptics) that this is indeed the correct location. Screen shots of google maps, street view, and episodes on MTV.com will provide this proof. Sit back, relax, and be amazed.

Aerial View

The following screenshot is the location of the factory. Google has not updated their aerial view photos in many years so this is not up to date. Although there of course has been changes to accommodate Rob Dyrdek, there has been no outer structural changes. Please take note of the shape of the buildings (following screenshots will prove the building to be the same). Also, it is hard to see, but there is a large electrical tower behind the smaller building of the two buildings.

As this picture shows, the building was previously a "SuperKing Market Distribution" building.

The picture below is a zoomed in version of the far-side of the two-part building. Once again please notice the shape of the building.

Across from the factory is a Waste Management company. This small piece of information is very useful in comparing the location to a piece of film from an actual episode of the t.v. show.

The Fantasy Factory is located on the 70o block of S Mission Rd. of Los Angeles, California. Although the pictures show the address to be "840 S Mission Rd. Los Angeles, CA 90023", this address is not correct. I could not pinpoint the exact address. However, if searching that address in Google Maps, you can easily access this building yourself.

PROOF of Aerial View

The following screen shot was taken from the 6th episode of the 1st season of the television show. You can clearly identify the shape of the building being the same shape as the smaller building of the previous Aerial Views. Also, there is an electrical tower directly behind this part of the building (also visible in the aerial view). And if that is not enough, across the street are numerous garbage trucks. I believe I can make the assumption that those are Waste Management trucks.

Views From Highway Exit Ramp

The following pictures are being taken from "Google Street View" on the highway overlooking the factory.
Each picture includes clear structural outlines of the buildings, the Waste Management property (including garbage trucks), moving/work trucks (because these pictures were added during the construction and beginning process of building the factory.

This picture is a zoomed in (and somewhat blurry) view of the entrance to the factory. You can see the large glass windows which are featured in many episodes of the show (look at following post).

Proof of Highway View

The following picture is taken directly from a select episode of the television show. They show the similarities from the Highway Street View photos.
The following photo is also taken from the show. It crystal clearly shows you the glass windows of the factory entrance. It is identical to the one in the street view. It also shows you the "Rob Dyrdek Enterprises" sign in the upper left hand corner of the building.

Looking Down S Mission Street

This is a screenshot looking down what is S Mission Street. This was taken from Google Street View on E 7th street. As you can see on the bottom part of the picture, it shows that this is the right S Mission Street. Street View is not available on S Mission Street itself. This is not because of security but instead because Google was not interested. It is a small side street with only private businesses that were no interest to the public eye....until now.
Please notice the large amount of moving and work trucks down the street. Also, the large amount of trees lining the left side of the street are the same to the other pictures taken from Street View.

PROOF of South Mission Street

The following picture was taken from Season 1, Episode 6 from Fantasy Factory. Rob Dyrdek is driving his T-Rex car out of the factory and onto this street. This picture seals the deal that this is in fact South Mission Street. The elevated street at the end of the road is E 7th Street. We know this because the previous picture taken from Street View was elevated and looking semi-down onto South Mission Street. Also, there are trees lining the right side of the road as well as numeorus moving and work trucks.

And......get this!!!! There is a WASTE MANAGEMENT GARBAGE TRUCK COMING DOWN THE STREET. Waste Management is across the street and can only access the property down this street.

That is all, Folks

If you are unsatisfied and think that this is all wrong and just numerous coincidences, well I can't help you. It seems crystal clear to me that this is indeed the location of the Fantasy Factory. I live across the nation from the factory so there is no way I can physically walk down South Mission Street and prove that this is correct. However, the citizens of Los Angeles California and surrounding areas can. Please, prove me right (or wrong) and walk down that street, stare at the miraculous 10 foot tall blue fence, and get back to me with your findings.

From what I can tell, there are no security booths lining the ends of South Mission street so it is public and anyone can enter. You should be able to drive down that street and walk up to the property line of the factory.

Remember, The factory is going to look quite different from the original Google pictures taken, however, not dramatically different. You should be able to tell right away that this is the factory.

Now, go and spread the word of this new knowledge and proof.....oh and say hello to Channel for me :]